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Mercedes E-class: this is what the T-model looks like

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Mercedes E-class: this is what the T-model looks like

Mercedes is currently testing the new E-class, which will debut in 2016. We have the latest information on the new assistance systems and the latest prototype photos of the upcoming 2017 Model T.

Until now, the future E-Class was presented only in the sedan, and now the focus is on the T-model. The station wagon, which will go on sale in 2017, is of course based on the sedan. We find differences in karma - a slightly sloping roof and a roof spoiler.

Otherwise, everything is as in the "normal" new Mercedes E-class. The grille faces the wind, the headlights reach the fenders. The apron peeks out from under the grille in a new style, with an even wider splitter in the middle. Fog lights are placed in large rounded holes.

Up close, the longer wheelbase, longer bonnet and wider track stand out prominently. The prototype shows a new roofline as well as a really flat engine hood. The window line is slightly raised and directs the eye towards the trunk, which looks a bit smaller and leans towards the road.

The new Mercedes E-Class is based on the C-Class platform

In general, the interior of the new E-Class seems to be moved back. When the E-class hits the market in 2016, it will not only be more dynamic, but also with an improved drag coefficient. Trunk volume will not be more, as in the C-class, and the standard tank will have to be reduced quite a bit.

Mercedes E-class (W212) has been on the market since 2009, in 2013 the model underwent an extremely large-scale reconstruction. According to Mercedes, this innovation cost the company 1 billion euros. The new generation of the 2016 E-Class will be based on a modified rear wheel drive (MRA) platform of the current C-Class. Thanks to this new platform, which, by the way, is made of aluminum, the E-Class has managed to reduce its weight by another kilogram. The total weight of the model will be a maximum of 1.5 tons. The Mercedes platform - rear-wheel drive architecture (MRA) allows easy transition to alternative drive systems such as electric motors or hybrid systems.

3-litre inline-six petrol and diesel engines

As with the new Mercedes S-class and CLS models, the E-class will be able to send power through a nine-speed automatic transmission. When it comes to powertrains, the E-class uses its own engine palette. The three-liter diesel unit with the internal designation OM 656 from the early 1990s returned to Mercedes, now as an inline six-cylinder. Not out of pure nostalgia, but because the three-liter W124s were practically eternal, even after relentless use. Like BMW, the new units are built in a modular fashion with identical 0.5-litre cylinder units such as three-, four- and six-cylinder units.

After 2017, a three-liter gasoline engine will appear as a six-cylinder in-line (M256). Both six-cylinder in-line engines will be bi-turbo only in the power range up to 430 hp. They are joined by a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine (M254), as well as its diesel counterpart (OM654). But don't worry, the V8 unit in the new Mercedes E-class has not been forgotten, it will be improved in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions.

E-class looks wider and lower

The interior of the E-Class has also been revised, with a larger touch screen with a new menu configuration and steering wheel controls. Augmented reality will greatly improve navigation, and Car-Play integration for smartphones is equally applicable to both Apple and Android. It is assumed that the E-class will borrow the interior design of the C-class, but the center console will be wider and taller.

The rest of the E-class starts as usual in other versions of the body. A station wagon such as the T-model is expected to hit the market in 2017, as well as an AMG version, as well as a four-seater convertible and coupe.

New assistance systems for the Mercedes E-class

The new Mercedes E-Class guarantees more safety and comfort on the road, which is why the E-Class has various systems for semi-autonomous driving.

New on board is the next level Intelligent Drive - a pilot that works with a stereo camera and radar sensors: Pilot Distronic for distance, communicates with control systems and automatically maintains not only the correct distance to the vehicle in front, but also a speed of 200 km / h. The Stop&Go pilot performs its function up to 130 km/h. Highway-Pilot is active at speeds up to 200 km/h and provides the ability to work in traffic jams on the highway and automatically extends the course. In combination with Comand, the driver-selectable speed limit function via camera or navigation recognizes speed limits and automatically adjusts to acceptable limits, such as 50 km/h in built-up areas and 100 km/h on national roads. Drive-Pilot is a semi-autonomous system,

New in the E-Class is the active brake with crossover function. The system detects the danger of a collision, including cross-driving vehicles and pedestrians, and automatically activates the brakes. The Active Brems system is active for moving objects in the speed range from 7 to 250 km/h, and for stationary objects it can react from 7 to 70 km/h. Under optimal conditions, it can prevent collisions with stationary vehicles or pedestrians at speeds up to 65 km/h. The crossing function can prevent accidents with cross-moving objects depending on the situation in the speed range up to approximately 50 km / h. In a traffic jam scenario, when there is no alternative to changing direction, the active brake automatically works even up to 90 km. /hour.

Another new feature is the maneuvering assistant: if the driver initiates an overtaking maneuver by turning the steering wheel, the system supports this desire to swerve and accurately calculates additional steering torques. They help the driver avoid a collision with a pedestrian and then help the vehicle return safely to the correct lane.

The new E-Class has the ability to remotely park via the app. In addition, thanks to Car-to-X, based on radio technology, the E-class will be able to communicate with other cars and thus protect itself from dangers. The smartphone can also be used to open the doors, one has only to approach the lock and the car opens.

Also on board are the familiar Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Pre-Safe Plus systems, all sensor-based and designed. The airbags integrated into the side rear seat belts are borrowed from the S-Class.

http://www.mercedesman.ru/en/E-Class/W124 - Online guide to the review of the Mercedes E-Class W124 car.

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